Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Oh hello rotten puritans!

Parents: English Teacher Writes Racy Novels

You know, the news this day is filling me with rage.
I woke up to news of the President releasing his long form birth certificate. So straight up racism is being given media time. Wow.
And then this story. I... I just can't. The ignorance and hate displayed by the complaining parent is unbelievable. Judy Buranich, the teacher,has 25 years experience teaching. Twenty five years. And, from the comments, she's quite well loved. So what's the big deal?

updated to add: Erotic Romance Writer Outed

There's nothing "immoral" about anyone writing erotic fiction. And to say that because a person chooses to write in a certain genre says something about them as a person doesn't really get it. 'Cause then shouldn't we be concerned about writers of horror? Or mysteries? I mean, aren't they suspect for coming up with all those gory deaths? What's that? That's different? Um, no. No it isn't.


Demeur said...

There is a slight bit of merit in expressing displeasure over her outside activities. When I went to high school most of the women teachers were unmarried and fairly old. We probably would have chuckled had such a thing happened back then. Now however you have female teachers having sex with their male students so I think the bar needed to be raised just a tad.

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