Monday, August 29, 2011

You sound like an unpleasant person

My Brief OkCupid Affair With a World Champion Magic: The Gathering Player

Many many other people will write many words about this article by Alyssa Bereznak at Gizmodo.
I just want to say, Ms Bereznack, you sound like an unkind person. So he wasn't your flavor of date. Was he mean, rude, unkind, abusive, or drunken during your date? Doesn't sound like. Sounds like he was a nice man with a hobby you want to mock. Which makes you mean.


Stormy said...

Wow. I...I can't even. I read through the entire article waiting for it to have a point beyond "Eww people who play games are creepy and should be quarantined!" and there wasn't one. That's pretty disgusting.

I play World of Warcraft. I'm the leader of a guild. I work my ass off for my guild because I love them and because I love doing it. And I'm good at it. And if some wench from OKCupid has a problem with that, she can pretty much go DIAF.

shayera said...

Right? The whole thing is "he has cooties!" It's one of the most childish things I've ever read, I have to say.
I spent the article thinking "she can't be serious". She writes as if he's some sort of predator. When the reality is, he's a highly successful guy who likes to play games.
We should all be so lucky to find people like that.
Her loss.