Thursday, September 15, 2011

She's losing and getting more desperate.

Health Expert Offers Bachmann $10,000 If She Can Provide One Case Proving HPV Vaccine Causes Retardation

Let's leave aside the sheer ridiculousness of Bachmann's statement. It's utterly unprovable on her part. The part of the article that caught my eye is the end. Where some adviser or the other said that Bachmann only pays attention to about 80 or 90% of whatever she's reading. And I can believe that. So many of her actions and statements seem to be of a person who hasn't caught the entire story. I'd feel bad that she's been shunted aside in the race. But then I remember that the Republican contenders are all pretty much a group that really doesn't care about the actual working people of the country. And get over my sympathy for her.

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