Wednesday, November 09, 2011

I stand for the victims.

Actually, I think I need to edit that. I stand for all victims.

I said this earlier this evening, as I was watching the news from College Park.
"Why don't more abuse victims come forward? Just look at the scene at Penn State and I think you have an answer."

The Board at Penn State fired Joe Paterno. Good for them.
I watched reporters at the press conference lead off by asking "who's coaching the team on Saturday?"
I watched students pour out across the campus, proclaiming their love for him and their anger and disgust at his firing.

And all I could think was that some of the victims of Jerry Sandusky are the same age as these students.
And that victims of abuse are current students at Penn State.

Victims of abuse don't come forward more often because they are the people that get scrutinized.
Not the abuser.
It's just that simple.

So I make it clear. I stand with the victims. Always.


Demeur said...

Another issue is why the prosecutor at the time didn't file charges and is now missing. This will surely leave a stain on the schools reputation for years to come. And that's not to mention what the NCAA will do to the school once this has played out. At present I hear the state of Pennsylvania is changing their laws on reporting such crimes. But nothing will bring back the innocence of the victims.

stephen gerrad said...

abuse victims are afraid and ashamed. shame on the community. if people knew about him who are victims of abuse .. but if they do not come forward on how the offender can be punished ..

just thinking