Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I... Just.. I mean...

Lawmaker Says Michelle Obama Has ‘Large Posterior’

No, Jim Sensenbrenner, I have a large posterior. The FIRST LADY is a perfectly fit person. And, hey, not to fat snark or anything, but have you looked in a damn mirror, oh, ever? 'Cause you make my ass look not too bad.

My head is going to explode over absolute garbage like this. That ridiculous attention seeker in Alaska thinks there's something wrong with the White House's Christmas card. The circus peanut wearing a badger thinks that Barney Frank is disgusting. And I say, fuck off cowards. Both of you are too CHICKEN SHIT to actually run.

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Demeur said...

The mental midgets on the right will say anything for attention. I thougt you knew that by now.