Friday, December 23, 2011

In the continuing story of Republicans being horrible...

Republican lawmaker says he expects 'race card' from Obama in 2012

Oh good! DEADBEAT DAD Republican from Illinolis, Joe Walsh has opened is ignorant mouth yet again!

“The minute you say, 'They’re criticizing me because I’m African American,' or whatever, that is voter intimidation,” Walsh said. “You are trying to stifle honest debate, and my fear is this is going to happen again in the next election. We saw it in ’08; thankfully, the president now has a record — he didn’t have a record in ’08 — so now we can criticize the fact that he destroyed the economy, and hopefully we can do that without being accused of being racist.”

Please, someone get deadbeat Dad Joe Walsh a dictionary. Because the simple meaning of words escapes him.
Oh, also, someone ask him if he's ever going to pay his ex-wife the money he owes her.
In fact, can someone, anyone, ask him that every single day from now until he actually does?

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