Friday, July 13, 2012

Here's a thought

You know, in my day job I deal with people every single day. And now and then I get hassled. People want to fight about fines, or not being able to use the computers all day, or any other of a thousand things. Sometimes they yell, get it out of their system, and leave. Other times they want to continue and personally abuse me. I've been called names and cursed at. Hell, once in a while I've even been hit on (note, totally not interested in being hit on at my job).

But you know what I've never, ever done in retaliation? "Joked" that the other person should be attacked and raped. Actually, I've never done or said anything to the other person. 'Cause I'm an adult. And threatening violence to another person is absolutely repellant behavior. Violence is not a joke. There are thousands of people who face violence in their lives every day. It. Is. Not. A. Joke. And people who use the threat of violence as a joke should not be welcome in polite society.

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