Friday, July 13, 2012

Sometimes I'm really right

Hi, sorry for being gone so long. It's just seemed like everyone else has been saying what I want to. But better.
So, just looking a wee bit down the page, I see the little post I wrote about Penn State. Which caused me a lot of offline arguments.
Mostly about "poor old Joe Paterno and his amazing legacy". 'Cause, you know, he was far too saintly to have ever known anything at all about what was happening on his campus. He was a saint! A saint and how dare I insinuate that he's defend his friend and ignore the abused and raped young men.
Here's the Freeh report (pdf). Read it and tell me I was wrong when I said the program should be dismantled forever. The young men who play for the team, they can leave and play somewhere else. But Penn State does not ever deserve to have a football team ever again.
In The sins of the father, Rick Reilly agrees with me. Finally.
I'm not gloating that I'm right. 'Cause, man, who would ever be happy about being right about this level of evil? I'm so angry that children had their lives ruined. And men in charge, who were supposed to protect them turned their backs. And defended the evil. Paterno died still telling lies. What a horror of a life that is.

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