Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Einhorn,

(I really hope you have vanity google alerts set for your name.)

Venture capitalist Einhorn paid for voter fraud billboards

You are not nice people. When you say "we're just trying to educate the public about voter fraud," you're lying. What you're really trying to do is scare people of color away from voting. And that makes you bad people. Does it hurt your feelings that people with fewer benefits than you have the same rights as you do? Do you some how believe that you're more special than anyone else in this country?
Here's the truth. You aren't. You're just richer. And when you paid for those billboards, you showed you're bullies. Sorry. But in this country, we all count. And you should be brave enough to accept that. As I said at the beginning, you are not good people.

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