Thursday, November 08, 2012

Try the real world. It's better.

Adviser: Romney "shellshocked" by loss

You know, I say this all the time.
Watch what ever news media you want. Seriously, what ever entertains you is cool.
But when you watch only Fox news, don't be surprised when you're viciously uninformed.
People mocked the hosts on MSNBC after the first debate for being down. But they were being realistic.
Anyone who watched Fox or read right wing media in the last couple months just seem to be living in cuckoo land. The polls didn't match their chosen narrative? Well, they were just wrong! Except no, no they weren't.
Rove's running around just pulling bullshit out of his ass.
Don't continue to live in a parallel world. Fox is actively lying to you.


Demeur said...

I like to equate Fox News with the National Enquirer. It might be amusing to view if you had nothing else to do but don't expect anything factual.

shayera said...

But at least the Enquirer gets things right once a decade or so.

Anonymous said...

Well then how are wii the fostered people to know?