Monday, January 28, 2013

Not a bad idea

India’s Gender Troubles

The stories at the link are about a taxi service in India that has only women drivers and only picks up women customers.
I think, after all the news coming from India in the last month or so, it's not a bad idea. I haven't read them all, but there are a number of comments saying that this is exactly like racism. Guess who made the comments. Ask me how hard I rolled my eyes at the men claiming discrimination. If after hearing about the horrifying rape statistics out of India you think this is a bad idea, I think you've surrendered your higher reasoning powers.

About 17 years or so ago, I was on a trip to India with my family. We were doing all sorts of tourist things. One day we visited a temple. You have to take your shoes off below the temple and walk up. After, we were putting our shoes on. It's a major tourist attraction and I wasn't paying attention to other people around us. All of a sudden, my father surged off the bench next to me and advanced on a group of men slightly close to us. "That's my daughter you're talking about like that!" And my father charged over to this group of men and started yelling at them. I hadn't been paying any attention to them. But these... men (I suppose) had been talking about me and my looks and attributes. Mind you, I wasn't listening to them, had no idea what they said. But unfortunately for them, my father over heard them. And let them have it, verbally. My Mom and I grabbed him and left.
I would never saw that all Indian men are misogynistic assholes. I have the example of the men in my family to prove otherwise. But there are a lot of chauvinistic creeps in the country. There are. We were in a holy place. In public. In the middle of the day. And these men thought it was perfectly all right to comment on my anatomy and call me a whore.

I am thankful always for my family. I know they'll always have my back. I wish every woman in the world was able to feel like that. And if women on taxis can help with that wish even a little, I say bring on the women only taxis.

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