Saturday, June 03, 2006

George Bush: Hateful Bigot

Bush backs federal marriage amendment

What an asshole. Seriously. There's no way this should even be in the debate. What an ignorant thing to try to do.
And hey, Log Cabin Republicans, how can you continue to support this guy?


demeur said...

But Shayera what else does he have left to screw up? Remember we're dealing with a dry drunk who's self destructing. Let's see he's ticked off immigrants, alienated the elderly, pissed off the Iraquis, screwed up the educational system, beaten up the poor and tried to take away reproductive rights. Did I miss anything? Oh yea no privacy and we're broke.

shayera said...

He does seem to have covered the entire list of asshole, doesn't he?
Can't wait to see the reactions tomorrow.

t said...

It's not sacred or special to couples anymore if the terms are spelled out in government law.
Such an amendment would cheapen marriage.
Leave it up to local communities, to local standards. Leave it up to state law like they've been doing. If some states allow gays and lesbians to marry, that's OK with me, because it means that's what the populace has demanded.