Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I've got some 'splaining to do

So, I'm sure you've all noticed the, um, dramatic drop off of posts here lately. I'm not abandoning. I've decided to move to a new apartment. Which should be nice.
But I've got to move next week (Thursday/Friday). Which means that I've had to pack frantically.
And then I found out I've got to host a meeting of Administration at my branch next month. Which has turned me into an inspector of minor issues at work.
And then Time Warner (you all know how much I love them), decided that I wanted my cable/internet service turned off 10 days before my actual move.
So basically an insane tsunami of events.
But I do hope to be back to my usual, laid back schedule of life soon.
Because otherwise I might go nutty.
I'll try and put things up as I can. Soon.
Miss you all.


faboo said...

Doesn't TWC just suck. They're still trying to charge us about $600 + rental and late fees for the HDDVR box we had at out old place. Even though the installer took it and I have a receipt.

Good luck with the move and everything. Invite me to the housewarming!

shayera said...

TWC sucks so bad!

Thanks for the good wishes!
Believe me, if I do have a party, you are absolutely invited.

Robyn said...

hmmmm AdStaff on your doorstep.....

Let me know if I can help ya with anything.

I am VERY good at moving ;)

shayera said...

Heh heh, Thanks Robyn. Tammy came over and helped me whip things into shape.
I've heard you might have some experience moving. Wonder where? ;-)