Friday, April 14, 2006

the Administration should have listened to Jack Murtha

Ex-General: Rumsfeld Deserves Criticism

Remember what was said when Jack Murtha started speaking out? That when the military wants to be heard, they go to Murtha. Becuase he speaks the truth and he speaks for them.
Should have listened to him.
The Generals speaking out now have got to be at the end of their ropes to be coming to the press like this.


Demeur said...

Just thought I'd throw out some pre Nov. campaign race poll results via Ramussen Reports. We need to get the momentum going folks or we'll be stuck with Thugco for a few more years.

Also a Happy Easter, Spring, Passover etc. to all.

Demeur said...

Oops, in my haste to post I forgot the link.

shayera said...

Thanks for the update Demeur! Hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend.