Thursday, April 06, 2006

feel the Nedrenaline!

Ned Lamont for U.S. Senate

If you're feeling like supporting some candidates, give some money to Ned!


Demeur said...

Just thought I'd list the seats in congress that are up for election. (Hope this works) Some of these guys are entrenched in their states like a bad toe nail fungus, but if we could just get rid of some of them we should be able to take back control and impeach Bush.

Republicans (15)-
Allen- VA
Burns- MT
Chafee- RI
DeWine- OH
Ensign- NV
Frist- TN
Hutchison- TX
Kyl- AZ
Lott- MS
Lugar- IN
Santorum- PA
Snowe- ME
Talent- MO
Thomas- WY

shayera said...

It's part of my plan for later in the year.
I do know Frist is "retiring" so that he can run for President.hahahahahahahahaha