Sunday, May 21, 2006

I'm back!

Hi all!
I'm back from D.C.
Had a really great time.
And I'll write a detailed report tomorrow.
When I shall do some shameless name-dropping. ;-)
My friend and I sent back almost 100 pounds of books!
I'm super exhausted.

And I just want to say, the people at Harper Collins and Library Journal are really wonderful!


zoe said...

welcome back - and if that is your mum in the mother's day photo, do tell her that she looks awesome!

t said...

Nice to hear you're back and you had a great time!
I'm looking forward to your postings again!

shayera said...

Hi Zoe, that is in fact my Mom. And I'll pass on your very nice words.
T, regular posting will return as soon as I recover. So it might be weeks! ;-)