Friday, January 12, 2007

Joe Lieberman is bad for the Democratic party.

The Quisling from Stamford

Sweet Jeebus Do I Hate Joe Lieberman

Tbogg and BradR do the heavy lifting here. Joe Lieberman is a disaster. He is not a "principled objective voice". He is a yes man lackey for the president's very bad policies. Lieberman is the only Democrat supporting the escalating war plan.
I want to throw in some really disparaging words about the voters in Connecticut, but they must already be completely humiliated by their awful decision that it would be poor sport to kick them when they're down.


Adorable Girlfriend said...

Are you honestly surprised by this? A lot of people heard him say after the elections that he would side with Democrats. That's all fine and good but he's pro war and a self hating Jew. He and Arlen Specter get no love from AG! No love.

shayera said...

Nope, AG, I wasn't at all surprised by his behavior. Lieberman disgusts me completely. But I just had to post these two, they were so well done.
I loathe him with a burning fiery passion.

Traci said...

You know he went to the same High school, thAt he did. I went to Stamford High in Stamford Ct.. It is a public school..Just wanted to throw that in. I wasnt there when he went there. I am waaaayyyy younger than him.Oh and smarter too :)