Monday, November 26, 2007

Gah! How stick in the mud can you be?

N.M. alien tourism ad stirs controversy

I don't get it at all. The ads are funny. So because traditionally you've attracted older tourists to your state, you have to ignore the younger set?
How stuffy and parochial do you need to be? Seriously. I realize this country was founded by people who disapproved of just about everything. But it's 400 years later. Can we at least attempt to develop a sense of humour and whimsy?


Susan the Neon Nurse said...

I read this, and went to check them out on YouTube. *I* think they're a stitch! Kind of an homage to The Office (on TV) but hey, that's a big hit show! The ads might appeal to the same demographic!

shayera said...

Susan, I think that really is who they were trying to attract. But the whole "let's not attract those types" attitude really bothers me.

sirlarkins said...

"McCall said hits on the state's tourism Web site have risen since the campaign began."

That's all that really matters, isn't it?

As a NM native, I have many thoughts on this article--perhaps I can share them in person when Des and I are down in LA next weekend. :) (Yes, we're planning on dropping by our old work haunts for some high fives.)

shayera said...

Do come by!