Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Keep your church out of our state.

Catholic bishops instruct voters

No no. You don't have any right at all to insist that people vote the way you demand they do.
And if you want to continue that line, I'm sure the IRS would be happy to launch an investigation into your tax status.


SB Gypsy said...

I don't hear them speaking out against this war of choice, only a Woman's choice.

I wish the govt WOULD go after these churches that are violating our election laws.

shayera said...

sb gypsy, they'll only go after "liberal" churches. Like the one in Pasadena that suggested maybe voting for the antiwar candidate.

I've stopped holding my breath in the hopes that they would actually make some decent statements about "women's issues."

BOSSY said...

Shayera! Long time no see, Grrlfriend. Great post as always. Keep fighting the good fight.

shayera said...

Hi Bossy. Thanks for the support. I've been around. Just haven't had a lot to say lately, I guess. I've been following the family tree over at your place most diligently though.