Thursday, January 08, 2009

Just one of my crazy ideas.

So occasionally I have absolutely wild ideas. And they're crazy and no one takes me seriously. So this is my latest crazy idea.
Many cities across the country have had "one book, one city" programs, where the entire city (at those who want to) read the same book. Libraries and book stores host discussions, etc.
And since we just elected a literary man to the White House, I think we should do a "one book, one country". I told you it was crazy.
It would be very difficult. But I actually do think it's something that is workable. And, unlike with one book projects, publishers shouldn't send out free copies of the book.
Yes, I know, crazy pie in the sky.


Emma said...

Well, with these newfangled interweb thingies, it might not be all that difficult. ;)

I nominate you to start the movement. Woo hoo!

Demeur said...

That's not a bad idea but who picks the book?

Let's just hope it's not "My pet goat".

Anonymous said...

I don't think it's crazy.

Electing GWB the first time was crazy. The second was impossible.

Your idea is neither crazy or impossible.

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