Friday, October 09, 2009

Peace prize. Huh

Okay, here's the thing. It's not as if President Obama or the Administration nominated him for the award. Hell, he was in office for 13 days when the nomination process closed.
And really, what is he supposed to do? Say no?
I bet you anything he was as surprised as the rest of us.
I think his reaction is probably the best in the circumstance. He's humbled. And accepts the challenge. 'Cause you knows that's what it is. And I think it's a reflection of a good part of the rest of the world's current feeling. Relief and enthusiasm.
Now he's got to live up to the "Peace" part of the prize.

I've been avoiding looking at the right wing reactions. Because I just don't want to be exposed to unhinged yapping.
You know, I hated almost every single thing the Bush Administration did. Hell, you can find my feelings very clearly laid out in the archives of this blog. I think many of their activities were criminal. And I'm sure that down the road, we're going to find out that what we don't know about their activities was far worse than what we do know.
But I'm pretty sure that at no time ever did I call for 1)violence against Bush, 2)armed insurrection against him.
Can't say the same about the current opposition can we?

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