Monday, June 27, 2011

Do we need to pull out a dictionary?

In Response To Prosser Choking Allegations, Fox’s Van Susteren Calls On Female Chief Justice To Resign

Frankly, I just want to ignore Van Susteren. Trolling shouldn't be rewarded. And you know as well as I that's what she's doing. Because she can't really be calling on the person WHO WAS ATTACKED to resign, can she? I mean, that would be colossally stupid. And trollish.
And let us talk about Judge Prosser. Who admits to putting his hands around Justice Bradley's neck. But, according to him, she had it coming. Really? In what magic dream world does he live in, that you can actually do that? In the world I live in there's no justification for ever putting hands on anyone. No matter the circumstance. But apparently there are special rules for Mr. Prosser.

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