Saturday, June 27, 2015

The Most Badass Woman in America Today

Sick Of Waiting, Woman Takes Down South Carolina Confederate Flag Herself

Way to go, Bree Newsome!
I'll post information about a defense fund once I find it.

edit: Here's the indiegogo link: Bail for Bree Newsome

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Demeur said...

Funny how the governor of Alabama had the flag immediately taken down but South Carolina must have a debate. And really what's to debate? That flag by the way was only representing Northern Virginia under Robert E. Lee. To say it represents heritage and brave men who fought in the war is silly. They were rebels and traitors and they lost the war. It's been 150 years and they still aren't over it.

While I applaud the actions of taking down the flag it won't change the underlying attitudes. Not until parents teach their children respect for others no matter the color of their skin. Prejudice is a learned thing.