Thursday, September 27, 2007

Try and veto it now, George!

Hate crimes bill put on Pentagon measure

And it passed with the needed 60 votes. So Bush, go ahead and veto your war funding. Because it pretty much seems as if the only way to pass meaningful legislation is to stick it onto one of Bush's "give me more money for the war I refuse to plan or budget for."


PoliShifter said...

I still would rather have the Senate filibuster any appropriations for Iraq.

At the very least STOP with all the damn cost plus no bid contracts that have no oversight and no accountability.

Let's get a little competition going over there. Isn't competition good? Isn't that a Republican mantra?

Why don't the mercs and war profiteering corps have to compete?

There should be a competition to see wich corp can provide electricity to the Iraqis for the longest time without interuptions. There should be incentives to hire Iraqis. There should be quality control, benchmarks, and oversight.

If we give a corp $50 million to build a school and three years later not only is the school not built, but what work is done is so shodddy, that the building is uninhabitable, then that corp should be forced to pay back the money and be banned from any future contracts.

But that doesn't happen. There's no oversight and Congress is impotent to bring these war profiteers to justice.

The Most Dangerous Blogger! said...

we may disagree on some things but i am thrilled the stuck it to the prez on the hate crime bill. attach it to his money bills.war bills and he will not touch it!

Demeur said...

You've forgoten. Shrub puts in his signing statements effectively cherry picking what he wants to have law and what he won't follow. It's time to get rid of this guy. He doesn't represent the American people.